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Four Awesome Waterfalls Near Asheville to Visit in One Day

waterfall looking glass

As the weather gets warmer, there are few activities as refreshing as visiting and swimming in a waterfall in western North Carolina. There are hundreds of swimming holes and waterfalls Asheville residents can visit in a day trip. In Transylvania County, near Brevard, there are four great waterfalls you can see in the same day.

In this article, we will help you plan your short road trip to four must-see waterfalls in western North Carolina.

waterfall skinny dip

1) Begin Your Day with Skinny Dip Falls

From Asheville, you can drive to Skinny Dip Falls in about an hour; however, plan to take your time along the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway. In order to reach the falls, you will have to hike a little over a mile each way; however, if it is warm enough, this is an excellent swimming hole.

Skinny Dip Falls are not particularly tall, but the scenery is incredible. Bring a snack or picnic to enjoy along one of the wooden plank bridges.

2) Next, Hike Beautiful Moore Cove Trail

The trailhead is a short twenty-five-minute drive from Skinny Dip. Moore Cove’s wispy falls are among the most unique in the area. The hike is less than a mile (a little over a mile and a half round trip), and though you may stand under them, there is not a swimming hole here. The hike itself is easy, and the falls are rewarding.

3) Take a Dip in the Cool Waters of Looking Glass Falls

Just a mile from Moore Cove trailhead, Looking Glass is a massive waterfall, plunging into a true mountain pool. You may venture behind and under the falls, or simply hang out on the rocks with your feet in the cold water. Also, keep an eye out for the native salamanders, unique to the mountains of western North Carolina.

waterfall sliding rock

4) Slide Down the Famous Sliding Rock

There are few falls as famous as Sliding Rock, just two miles from Looking Glass, and a mile from Moore Cove. These falls provide riders with a 60 foot natural waterslide, for just a meager $2.00 fee. Be prepared, during the summer there is often a fairly long line, but it is well worth the ride.

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