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How Substance Abuse Affects Friends and Family

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One out of every twelve American adults suffers from an SUD (Substance Abuse Disorder). However, substance abuse affects more than the person suffering from it. Families, friends, and loved ones are all adversely affected by a person's addiction. In this article, we will discuss who is affected by substance abuse and how:


1) Substance Abuse Affects a Person’s Spouse

If a married person wrestles with substance abuse, their spouse will certainly suffer as well. A person’s spouse is the one nearest to the SUD sufferer and as likely as anyone to discover the addiction. Additionally, a person’s spouse may experience numerous adverse conditions and feelings, including:

  • Higher potential for divorce
  • Increased share of parenting and household chores
  • Distrust and increased worrying
  • Increased risk of domestic violence

If you are struggling with substance abuse, your spouse is probably suffering as well. Seek help from a proven medical professional as soon as possible.

2) Substance Abuse Affects a Person's Children

According to studies, one in every five American adults lived with a parent or relative who struggled with substance abuse. Children are often disproportionately affected by the addictions of their parents and loved ones. Children are likely to suffer from:

  • Experiencing feelings loneliness, fear, and abandonment
  • Neglect from addicted parent
  • They are four times more likely to struggle with addiction later in life
  • Future issues with marriage and relationships
  • Domestic abuse

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3) Substance Abuse Affects a Person's Friends

Close family members are not the only people affected by a person’s substance abuse, close friends and acquaintances experience are touched by addiction. Friends may feel let down by the behavior of a person suffering from an SUD and relationships often fall apart. Worry and fear for a friend can eventually evolve into frustration and disappointment.

No one wants to lose their friends over something like addiction. Seek help, if you are having trouble overcoming substance abuse. Your friends will appreciate your commitment to getting better.

4) Substance Abuse Affects a Person's Coworkers

Distracted by addiction, a person suffering from substance abuse can create issues for their coworkers. Job performance, teamwork, tardiness, and missed work are all characteristics of a coworker struggling with addiction.

If you want to begin the process of recovering from a substance abuse disorder, we are here to help. Our Asheville practice has seen great success treating substance abuse with neuro-feedback treatment. Contact us to begin the process of ending addiction.