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Three Awesome Ways to Tour Dupont

dupont covered bridge hike wnc

There are many beautiful places and natural wonders in the Asheville area. Many of western North Carolina's greatest natural treasures are found in DuPont State Forest. Spanning over 10,000 acres, the area officially became a state forest around the turn of the century.


If you are visiting DuPont this summer for some "natural therapy" and need an idea of where to start, we have compiled this short list of three ways to tour the park:

1) Hiking: Visit the Covered Bridge and High Falls, Hooker Falls, and Triple Falls

Per AllTrails
Distance: 4.4 mile loop
Elevation: Climb 672 Feet
Features: 3 waterfalls and a covered bridge

From the High Falls Access Area parking lot, off of Stanton Rd., begin hiking (or biking) down High Falls trail. Take a right on Buck Forest Rd., and follow it to the covered bridge. After snapping a few pictures, proceed down Covered Bridge Trail, back to High Falls Trail, where you will turn right. Follow the signs to the first overlook, where you will be treated to a roaring waterfall.

Once you have taken in High Falls from the first vantage point, continue along the same trail until you reach River Bend Trail. Take a right and enjoy another great view of High Falls, before returning to High Falls Trail. Turn right on Triple Falls trail, and within a quarter of a mile you will arrive at the quintessential view of the Triple Falls. If you choose to linger and enjoy lunch, you will find picnic tables nearby.

Follow Triple Falls Trail to Hooker Falls Trail, passing under Stanton Rd. and over the river via a beautiful bridge. Hooker Falls is less than a third of a mile from the bridge. When you return, complete the loop by continuing along Triple Falls trail when it intersects High Falls. Otherwise, if you have energy to spare, you may hike High Falls Trail toward the covered bridge, and continue exploring Dupont.

dupont grassy creek falls


2) Mountain Biking: The Dupont Ridgeline Tour from Lake Imaging

Per MTBProject
Distance: 6.2 Miles
Elevation: Climb 726 Feet
Features: Flow trails with a potent downhill

The Dupont Ridgeline is a short tour of some of the best mountain biking in Dupont. From the Lake Imaging parking lot, follow Lake Imaging Rd. to the Jim Branch Trail, where you will climb for about a mile to the Isaac Heath trail. Turn right on Isaac Heath and follow it to the intersection with Buck Forest Rd., where you will take a short left, before turning right on Thomas Cemetery Road.

Alternatively, you may choose to turn right on Buck Forest Rd. and follow it to the covered bridge and Covered Bridge Trail, which will lead you to High Falls.

Thomas Cemetery Rd will eventually become White Pine Trail. You will climb to the top of White Pine, where it will intersect with Hooker Creek Trail. Turn left on Hooker Creek and follow it to the Ridgeline Trail, where you will turn left and drop into an excellent, flowy downhill section that will ultimately land on Lake Imaging Rd.

dupont triple falls


3) Horseback Riding: Lake Imagine, Hilltop, and Grassy Creek Falls

Per ALLTrails
Distance: 15.4 Miles
Elevation: 2,034 Feet
Features: Mountain views, forests, an old cemetery, a crazy tree, and a waterfall

Beginning at the Lake Imaging parking lot, take a short trot to Jim Branch Trail, where you will begin to gently climb to the Isaac Heath Trail. Keep going past the Isaac Heath Trail to Buck Forest Rd, where you will take a right. Follow Buck Forest to Thomas Cemetery Rd., where you will take a left. The insane bent tree will be about three quarters of a mile ahead.

Thomas Cemetery is another quarter of a mile ahead. You will then reach Buck Forest Rd., where you will turn left. Follow Buck Forest to the Grassy Creek Trail, where you will turn left and take a short jaunt down to the Grassy Creek Falls. Follow Grassy Creek back toward Buck Forest, but before you reach the intersection, you will turn left on Hilltop Trail.

Enjoy the views on the Hilltop till you reach Lake Imaging Rd., where you will take a quick right, and then a quick left on Locust Trail. Follow Locust Trail to Isaac Heath, where you will take a left. Isaac Heath will then intersect Jim Branch, where you will turn left and go down the hill, back to the Lake Imaging parking lot.

These trails will get you started in Dupont, but there is even more to see. If you have any questions about neurofeedback, and how you can retrain your brain to see good things, give us a call.